Really good and free top-down shooter game


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Kong is a top-down 3D shooter game where you play the role of a monkey, but not an usual monkey, of course, thos monkeys have a vast quantity of weapons and they are ready to blow their enemies

Though you can play on your own versus the compute, the real potential of this game is its multiplayer capacity, where you'll battle versus lots of monkeys controlled by users from all around the world. It's great, there are many kinds of weapons and health packs, you'll have to get them to power up your monkey and win the battle.

Capture the flag, deathmatch and team battle, those are the game modes where you'll use the katana, machine gun, banana cocktails, rocket launcher and more.

Finally, Kong includes a map editor, so you cancreate your own scenaries if you want to get rid of the 25 included ones.
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